Monday, January 25, 2010

Heather week #28

When I called Heather yesterday she'd had a discouraging week. Her ultra-sound on Tuesday revealed her cervix is even shorter than when she was admitted about 5 weeks ago. She also strained some muscles in her belly, which is super painful.

Bright side? Babes are doing well!! Very well! Still growing, and staying put..which is the goal.

This week say a little prayer for Heather. 5 weeks in the hospital with as many as 11 more to go might just seem a tad overwhelming. Bad days..even bad weeks are allowed! BUT for the record I've hardly seen the bad days with this one!! She remains so upbeat, so positive, I'm just amazed.

Quick side note..when I was almost 30 weeks pregnant years ago with my twin babes..I DID NOT look this good!! Seriously!! What a beauty.
She wears motherhood well.

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